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21/03/19 16:00
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21/03/19 18:30
AG Insurance Office, Rue du Pont Neuf, 17, Nieuwbrugstraat, 1000 Brussels
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IPFA Europe: Brussels: National Pact for the Strategic Investments - Which Message from the PPP Community to the Belgian Authorities?

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Prime Minister Charles Michel announced in September 2018 the launch of the National Pact for Strategic Investments. Belgium urgently needs to make investments to guard against secure the future and to preserve prosperity. Investments in infrastructure, training and innovation are needed to protect and strengthen the Belgian social model, by providing more growth and jobs. Both industry and the government will play an important role. Almost EUR 150 billion of investments have been identified, money which will come in part from private partners (55%) and in part from the government (45%), to provide a structural boost to the economy. The purpose is to bring Belgium back to the level of the neighboring countries in terms of productivity and prosperity.

The Pact targets 6 strategic domains of investment (digital transition, cyber security, education, healthcare, energy and mobility) and identified 4 ways to invest more, better and faster, for example through European funds, by mobilizing private capital or by using Energy Performance Contracts and Public Private Partnerships. A workgroup “Capital mobilization and PPP” was set up and proposed recommendations. An interministerial committee for the strategic investments would be set up between the different institutional levels of Belgium and an “Infrastructure Investment Community” would be put in place in order to exchange expertise, assess and monitor the projects and communicate with the civil community.

Other countries have delivered several lessons in terms of good practice and Belgium has a lot to learn from these foreign experiences.

The proposed conference intends to align the “to do’s” in order to enable Belgium to establish a solid framework where the targeted investments could can be financed efficiently and rapidly. The purpose is to establish a first round table where the political decision-makers can enter into a dialogue with the representatives of the financing world (banks, insurance companies and pension funds), so that everybody can understand what is needed to achieve this ambitious challenge

The agenda for this event will be announced shortly.


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